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Zooming in on Europe's Zoos

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Sheridan's Guide to Europe's Zoos 2010-2025

Again Anthony Sheridan gives us an extensive overview over the leading European Zoos, which
he is rating in updated versions of his ranking lists concerning visitor factors, education and
conservation, management and organisation.
In 2016 his survey contains around 120 Zoos in 28 countries.
Besides numerous information about landscape design, ex-situ and In-situ conservation,
fi nance and marketing strategies, the author deals with the role of the zoo director and
special examples, friends of the zoos and national zoo associations.
A forward-looking book for all people interested in zoos – sceptics, enthusiasts, visitors,
sponsors, zoo owners, politicians, wildlife conservationists and all those working in and for zoos!

2016, 466 pages, 15,5 x 23 cm, hardcover, Schüling Verlag, 29,80 Euro, ISBN 9783865230874
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