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Making Zoos Attractive

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12 basic rules of exhibit design

Wolfgang Salzert

Due to the rapid increase of nature destruction, zoological
gardens belong among our most important cultural institutions.
On the one hand they function as an educational
institution for nature and species protection. And on the
other hand they are considered a survival raft, a Noah‘s ark
for an increasing number of endangered animal species.
Zoos must not only meet the specific needs of the animals
they keep. They also must be attractive to visitors, because
they can only reach the people who actually visit them.
And only attractive facilities attract the necessary attendance,
and therewith the necessary entrance fee, without
which most zoos would not be able to survive.
Against the background of decade-long professional
engagement in the zoo business, the topic of zoo design will
be treated in the form of a little textbook. Rules that are
vital for the creation of attractive zoos and animal exhibits
will be defined in a condensed and easy to understand way.
This richly illustrated book should be a useful and inspiring
read for every zoo employee as well as for everybody who is
interested in zoos.

Englisch, 2016
126 Seiten, Hardcover
Herausgeber: Tierpark Nordhorn
Verlag: Schüling Verlag

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