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Taxonomy of the Genus Casuarius

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The defined & known living Cassowary species and subspecies

Perron, Richard Michael

Why is the taxonomy of one avian genera
important enough to write a book about?
The Anthropocene is not just about climate change and the effect it
may have on Homo sapiens, but also about how humans are altering
the foundations of the natural world and endangering all biodiversity.
Understanding which species already exist and their biological
are essential prerequisites if we are to manage and
conserve them successfully.
The Taxonomy of the Genus Casuarius is an attempt to clarify
how many species of Cassowary exist and if there are identifiable
subspecific populations which may require special treatment.
This book covers all the historical published descriptions and discusses
a new taxonomic structure to aid Cassowary conservation in the field.

Englisch, 2016
96 Seiten, Paperback
Schüling Verlag
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